About Us

An Introduction, our beginnings, our work

The need for an organization like Peoples Pulse, we firmly believe, is more relevant now than at any other time in the history of a nation that is still evolving. Politically, we are today in a situation where people’s preferences are varying from state to state though we have largely remained bi-polar so far. At the same time, political parties and those in power are regularly being confronted with a host of challenges on social as well as economic fronts, with what they seem to believe not necessarily in conformity with the ground reality.


The primary reason for this disconnect between the rulers and the ruled is the lack of a mechanism for a regular feedback from the field. Not surprisingly, this often leads to a situation where governments or political parties seem to think that all is well even as discontent keeps simmering among the vast majority who are unhappy for a variety of reasons, whether it is lack of public health care, quality education in public sector, good roads, employment opportunities or remunerative prices. Looked at from a larger perspective, not meeting such challenges with a proper vision would only be to the peril of a country that is as vast and diverse as India.


Surveys, in the general view, are usually conducted only at the time of elections. But, that only amounts to simplifying the whole dynamics. Very often, we don’t realize that simple solutions for the most complicated problems could come from the ordinary man out in a village, far removed from the hustle and bustle of meetings chaired by top politicians and high-ranking officials. However, for us to find solutions to the range of problems, it is important that we go back to the people who are faced with the problems and seek answers from them.

This is the gap that we at Peoples Pulse intend to bridge. Peoples Pulse is represented by a group of professionals with vast experience in political and allied activity with expertise in assessing public mood on various issues. The group comprises political activists who are known to have their ear to the ground, social scientists who can intelligently interpret the people’s mood and journalists who have gained vast experience in assessing implications of policy decisions on people. We have acknowledged experience in having conducted surveys for the benefit of various media houses, political parties and groups and the results have always been closer to the ultimate outcome, thanks to a team that is fully trained to take up such activity and a core group that has the strength to analyse the inputs to arrive at the final findings.


Whether in the form of field level surveys to get a hang of people’s mood or creating a platform to nurture a debate on different perspectives emanating from the ground to bringing out periodic publications to trigger a discussion on policy decisions, it will be the endeavour of Peoples Pulse to do the best possible research to foster a healthy understanding of public issues.